Creative Zlin is an independent working group containing representatives of the public, private, nonprofit and education sectors from the creative professions and related branches in greater Zlin.

The working group arose in September 2014 at the initiative of the City of Zlin by recommendation from the Mapping project of the cultural and creative industries in the Czech Republic. Leadership came from a public-benefit organization of the Czech Ministry of Culture — the Art Institute and Theatre Foundation.

In the Zlin region, mapping was done by the specialist Lia Ghilardi of the British firm Noema Research with support from the Zlin regional chamber of commerce and Tomáš Baťa University in Zlin.

Along with Brno and Ostrava, Zlin was among the first cities in the Czech Republic in which the creative industries were mapped.

Its results show that not only the city of Zlin, but the entire Zlin region has marked potential in the creative industries.

The Creative Zlin work group wants to build on these findings and set its vision and goals accordingly.