The Zlín Creative Cluster is the first cluster in the Czech Republic focusing on the creative industry. The cluster comprises of representatives of the public, private, non-profit and educational sectors from creative and related fields in the Zlín agglomeration.

The cluster was established in January 2016 and followed on from the preceding activities of the independent workgroup Creative Zlín. This group formed in 2014 from the impulse of the Statutory City of Zlín based on a recommendation from a project titled “Mapping Cultural and Creative Industries in the Czech Republic”. Mapping of the Zlín Region was conducted by the expert Lia Ghilardi from the British organisation Noema Research.

In this way, Zlín, together with Brno and Ostrava, joined other cities in the Czech Republic as one of the first to have undergone a mapping of its creative industries.

It’s results showed that not only the City of Zlín but also the entire Zlín Region have significant potential in the creative industry The Zlín Creative Cluster aims to build upon these findings and, therefore, it has set for itself corresponding visions and objectives.