Visions and Objectives

We value Bata’s heritage, and despite the footwear industry no longer forming the industrial backbone of the city, we are continuing on with his creative legacy in the area of advertising, design and architecture.

“Our vision is for the City of Zlín and the Zlín Region to constitute one of the important centres of the creative industry in the Czech Republic by 2022, particularly in the areas of design, audiovisual, marketing communications and architecture. ”

This centre will be able to retain its talented people, namely graduates of the Tomas Bata University in Zlin, not only thanks to the fact that it has has the necessary infrastructure and work positions, but also because it offers adequate cultural activities (film, music, theatre, new media) in appropriate facilities.

The Ten Commandments of the Zlín Creative Cluster

Create conditions for retaining the creative class in the region

1. by building an infrastructure for the establishment of start-up companies and supporting jobs in the creative industries;
2. by facilitating expert support to deserving companies in creative industries;
3. by supporting the development of adequate cultural activities in the region.

Ensure that the region grows in importance as a centre of the creative industry

4. by implementing support of the creative industry into the strategic region development plan and rigorously achieving its objectives;
5. by conducting significant activities extending past the borders of the region (Zlín Design Week, Film Co-production Market, etc.);
6. by supporting significant projects in the region;
7. by utilising consultation for achieving quality in the area of strategic and creative outputs within the scope of long term brand building and communications of the City of Zlín.

Develop demand for creative products

8. by cultivating a business and civic environment, presenting a creative approach and focusing on quality design as competitive advantages.

Release the creativity of the public

9. by supporting community activities and cultural activities utilising the public area;
10. promotion of cultural events and development of deep culture in the region.

Practical tasks of the cluster

· recommending
· executing
· promoting
· networking